• I can't get over this piece! The 1930s glass is thick, flawless, and holds such a timeless beauty. I loved this vintage find the second I saw it; then adding a little something new to it really took it to the next level.


    Psalm 139:14 seemed like an appropriate verse and reminder of what and who’s we are as daughter of Christ. While we put on jewelry to adorn ourselves with fun, shiny things, we can remember at the same time our true beauty comes from being a daughter of the king; he deserves all the glory and all our praise!


    The tray is approx. 5.5 inches at it widest and 11/16 inch high. The lettering is attached to the bottom and shows through the glass which provides protection for using the tray for whatever jewelry or treasures you keep on your dresser.


    NOTE: In order to avoid permanently altering this vintage piece the lettering is technically removable; however, it will hold up to gentle gentle handwashing—avoid soaking or scrubbing—and will hold up for years to come!

    1930s Dresser Tray

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